About Me



Lynn Zaman, 90’s from Antwerp, Belgium. I love everything with fashion, travel, food, sports, dogs & cars. Actually, I just adore all things in life.

Here you can follow me on my journey and adventures!

I’m the type that looks around & reflects on everything. I get my inspiration from different countries & cultures, meaningful person, architecture & interior, sports results, books & magazines.

My goal will be to inspire you with the things that I soak up. My blog won’t be specific about fashion & make-up, but a wide variety of 20-30 year age lifestyle it-items.

I was a language student that changed to Office management [Intercultural Asian Relations Management], but kept my interest in cultures & languages. I manage Dutch, English, French & Mandarin Chinese. Studied abroad for 6 months in Chambery, France. Took an internship for 3 months in Shanghai, China. And now, doing nothing with it on a professional level! I’m just proud of my acquisitions in life already & will be using this experiences in my further journey.

I work for the car brand: BMW at one of the biggest concessions in Antwerp as a Fleet Sales Coordinator. Doing administrative & commercial support for account managers & a big sales team.

I’m happily married since 8-8-14 with my amazing husband Geoffrey. We have two Chihuahua’s: Bisou (6 years) & Cashmere (3 years).

Life Goals: be happy – enjoy little things – be good to everyone – be independent  – Be ME!

I would like to explore life, in every aspect. Now it’s time for new adventures and I hope you will join me!

In case you want to contact me, please send an e-mail to zamanlynn@gmail.com.