Birthday Girl


Thanks for the Birthday Wishes

Hey loves! It’s my birthday today! I went working today so nothing special. Last Saturday the hubby spoiled me with some sunglasses shopping, eating, karting and more Italian food in the evening with all my amazing friends. What an amazing husband I have. This evening I had my parents and mother-in-law over at our place to eat some cake! Talk to you later! Bisous

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Easy like Sunday morning





There is no statute of limitations on starting over. Re-invent yourself every day. Be the girl who walks barefoot and listens to the blues. Tomorrow, wear a trench coat and speak fierce truths. Be a phoenix. Be ashes. Burn down. Resurrect. Let go of the idea that you must always be who you have always been.

Hey hey… I’m starting to have routines in my life again. Since Spring is around the corner and sun is going down a little later, I realize that I have so much more energy. Spring is definitely my favorite season. Perhaps because I was born in April. I love how nature is awakening under the low first flares of sun and the dewy mornings. This morning I woke up and noticed that my skin is feeling good because of the sunbeams. Recently I had a microdermabrasion session & mesotherapy to get rid of that winterish dull skin tone. Its definitely a must-try to get your skin ready for the sun. Xoxo

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Weekend Snapshots

Weekend snapshots 1

Weekend snapshots 2

Weekend snapshots 3

Weekend snapshots 4


Hey hey, I haven’t posted much in a while… Guess I had some great weekends 🙂 Two weekends ago I went shopping with one of my best friends Abigail. This weekend was my husband Geoffrey his birthday weekend! We had a lovely latin night in Mercado Antwerp, birthday cakes at home and restaurant lunch today. A weekend filled with eating, food, families & friends! I feel very happy! By the way, my mother in law has two Chihuahua puppies right now: Fleur & Féline. Welcome to the Chihuahua family 😉 Enjoy the pics!  Xoxo

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May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.

These are pictures from me back in the days. I don’t specifically remember my age, but I was young. I still love these pics tho. A friend of mine gave me the idea to post this pics on the blog. Please feel free to comment. Xoxo

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Throwback to Spring with my Godchild




Hey Loves, testing out my new work tool. I got myself an early Christmas gift, a MacBook Pro! Yass? I’m so happy! I was testing the edit tools for pictures and it did not let me down! I’m sure I’ll be swearing a lot by how to use this laptop (it is different to a windows laptop) but I am convinced it will help me to become a better blogger. I found some photos from the good old days last spring at a party with my family. I enjoy the picture of my godchild Milla. She’s half Cantonese – half Belgian and the pictures shows her cute tanned face and almond shaped eyes! With Christmas around the corner and the holidays in sight, I will try to post more blogs on these cosy days! Oh… I still have to show off my lovely Christmas tree! I will try to post it later this week! Now I’m off to bed and get some rest for the working week! It’s a short week. I took a day off on Wednesday to go to the hairdresser to colour my hair again. Sleep tight! Xoxo

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Chihuahua Fall walk






Last Sunday we had a refreshing walk in the woods of Houthalen. Together with 48 Chihuahuas and all of their dog owners, we had a 5 km walk in the domain Hengelhoef in Houthalen.

It has been 2 years that we participate in these walks organized by ‘De Geklede Hond’. The owner Inneke her love for chihuahuas makes her organize these walks two times a year: during spring and during fall.

We really enjoy their wide range of quality goods and products for our babies and I will always choose a smaller company over a big franchise.

Please take a look at their website if you are a Chihuahua lover for lovely goods!

Xoxo Lynn

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Brunette in Burgundy

Black Komono Sunglasses – Massimo Dutti top – Massimo Dutti trousers – Zara Jacket – Sascha Ankle boots

Hi, today I got my hair coloured to natural caramel brown. I am so happy with the result that I had to go out and shoot. I put on my burgundy outfit and I found it a perfect match. Now I still have to get used to my new hair colour again, but I like a darker colour during fall/ winter and my blonde hair for spring/summer. Let me know which preference you have.


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