Fall Outfit of the Day





img_8906-smallHi there!

We went strolling around in the park yesterday afternoon. Fall is definitely here because it’s getting colder, but the sun was giving its vitamine D to get us outside and enjoy the beautiful nature that is changing. The leafs are getting orange, red and brown.

I am wearing a gold-plissé skirt from Zara with a really oversized woolen orange sweater from Zara. My ankle boots are from Sascha. My choker is from H&M and my earrings from Victoria Jewelry.

My make-up is done by me. I used everything MAC Cosmetics but only my eyeshadow is from the Naked Urban Decay palette. I love this red mat lipstick.

Funny thing is that I just shooted this outfit and in the evening I was checking Instagram and saw that the swedish blogger Lisa Olsson was wearing the exact same outfit, what a coincidence!





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Throwback to blonder days


Throwback to my blonder days. Maybe this hairstyle was a little too blonde for me. Personally I would love to have honey-blonde-brown hair. This was during our visit to Amsterdam last year in November. It was so cold already!




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My Work-Out Routine


To my sports buddies who have been wondering what kind of exercise I do to keep fit and to keep that body fat under control… Continue reading!

Those who know me for a long time, know I did all kinds of sports. Usually I don’t have the perseverance to do a sports a long time, but here are some that do!

I’ve picked up playing tennis after a 6-year break. During summer I play tennis at least once a week. The last year I became an addict to BOOTCAMP workouts. It’s a circuit training in group and I personally think it has kind of a ‘CrossFit’ character. The workout gives me energy, I sweat a lot, but they are so fun! Then I work out with my friend Ellen. Depending on time, it might happen several times a week but especially on Sunday. We go run 5 km and afterwards we have one hour of power training focusing on a particular muscle group.


During our holiday in Mexico, we worked out every day 45 minutes and together with the boot camp exercises, I am now able to compose my own 30 minute workout at home. So lately I work out in our garden on a fitness mat with my sports gear and I love it. I might have to move to the garage because it’s already getting colder in Belgium.

My husband and I decided to go Thai boxing together. My family always thought it would be a great idea, but I’ve been to afraid. I have to admit the 1,5 trainings are very hard for my condition and perseverance but I can loose all of my frustration in here. It does hurt like hell when I have to take the punches. My legs and arms have bruises all over them!

Then I am planning to go swim on Wednesday right after work because it’s on my way home. It might not work, but I’ll let you know later.

So to summarize:

  • Monday: 30 min work out at home
  • Tuesday: 1.5h Thaiboxing work out
  • Wednesday: 1 h swimming
  • Thursday: 1h BOOTCAMP
  • Friday: 30 min work out at home
  • Saturday: Rest day
  • Sunday: 5 km run + 1 h work out at home

I have some sheets that you can use. They contain all the exercices that I do at home and they are categorized by muscle groups.

Sweat it baby! You’ll feel so much better afterwards.



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China calling


I have to apologize so badly for not writing anything about our vacation to China. I was planning to make a vlog about it, but since I left only one month after China to Mexico I didn’t find the courage to start editing. Now I have to edit footage from two holidays into vlogs. HELP!

My husband and I planned a year ago to go back to China. It has been 3 years since my internship in Shanghai? And I started missing the Asian culture again. We planned a trip to the capital Beijing, stayed for 4 days, took a flight to Hongkong, stayed for 4 days and flew further to Hainan, Sanya, a southern island of China and stayed for one week to relax after two intense city trips.

First of all, I like flying with Hainan Airlines to China, but it doesn’t give you time to adapt to the Chinese mentality. The flights are full of Asian people and immediately you get confronted that you will be a minority as being a Western in China.

Arriving in Beijing, we stepped right into a tourist trap by taking an illegal taxi. I got so angry as they wanted to rip us off and my Mandarin Chinese got back fluently! I did not speak any Chinese since my studies 3 years ago!

Beijing is crowded and traffic can be hard sometimes. We decided to navigate ourselves through Beijing by taking the metro. I am not going to tell stories about all the things we visited because it was so much, but I will give you an overview: Forbidden City, Tiananmen,  Temple of Heaven, the different Hutongs, the Silk Market, Lama Temple, Summer Palace, Olympic Sites. The greatest thing was that we went to The Great Wall (Badaling) & The Ming Tombs.

Beijing is a very friendly and it is ruled by a familial atmosphere. The food is delicious as we randomly stepped into local restaurants and ordered plenty of food by a menu existing out of pictures.

The short time we’ve been here and the so many things that you can visit, got us knocked out every evening and we slept like a baby.


After four days in the capital we took our flight to Hong Kong. This is New York in China, like Shanghai with the skyscrapers, many restaurants, shops and long streets. What really stroke me was the different kind of climate there is in Hong Kong. So warm and humid. Everyone uses an airconditioning with temperatures going down more than 10° outside. Every time you came out of a building the heat just knocked you down. An overview of all visited places: The Peak, The Ladies Market, Clock Tower, Tsim Tsa Shui street, Lan Kwai Fong, Mong Kong…


Last but not least we flew to Hainan, beautiful Sanya. This island is not very known to Western people although a lot of Asian people spend their family holidays in this paradise. We found ourselves relaxing in a beautiful tropical hotel. Next to the many hotels that they are building here, you can’t find a lot yet. It’s all nature and open fields, palm trees and tropical vegetation. The beach here is also very nice and the waves are convenient for surfing. As we visited enough the past weeks, we didn’t visit anything in here.


We planned this trip all ourselves and I must say that I am very proud we did so well. People can book this kind of holidays with a guided organization spending so much more money than they ever should, but we managed to visit all by ourselves. It is handy that I speak Chinese. Otherwise you are lost in this country or easily ripped off.

China had my heart for some reason. Although there are not a lot of people who feel connected with Chinese culture & habits, I feel like I could fit in here. It is bustling and you do need your personal space to survive here, but there is so much to do in beautiful China. For now we visited Shanghai, Beijing, Hongkong and Hainan, Sanya, it’s enough to have an overall impression about China, but I hope to get more opportunities to visit the more rural parts too.

In case you are prepping a visit to one of the places we did and you feel in need of our knowledge or information. Please feel free to contact me and I will provide you with all the information that I Have.



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OOTD – More long dresses


Another dress that was hidden in my closet and sneaked into my luggage to China.

This was a dress I wore to a wedding. Note that the pictures were taken when it started raining. I was hiding underneath the palm trees, but I ended up soaking wet because in one second there was a flood of rain coming out of the sky!

Like & comment below!


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OOTD – White long dress


Since I am still in a holiday mood I wanted to show you one of my favorite white dresses. Unfortunately I can’t wear it as much as I want, because it is such a delicate fabric and I don’t have the occasion to wear it that often.

I bought is two years ago as a post wedding dress to take with me while on honeymoon. I wore it there several times and I got to wear it again during our holiday in Sanya, China. The nature in the hotel is so stunning.

Visit the website: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/syxbr-renaissance-sanya-resort-and-spa/

So lucky and happy that I still fit in!

Enjoy the pictures and do not forget to like and comment below!



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Life is better at the Beach






Hi, here some pictures from our day trip to Knokke last Saturday. This time accompanied by our two Chihuahuas who love spending the day at the beach playing in the sand.

We took some pictures in the evening during sunset after a delicious dinner at Elli’s Gourmet Burger.



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Two Year Marriage Anniversary



Hello lovers! Two  years ago on this day, I said I do to my husband, to be his lawfully wedded wife through thick and thin. We were living in the same village and I knew him as one of the older guys. One day we decided to have a drink and the next day I was certain he was the right man for me.

Notice the content look in my husband’s eyes, the naughty smile on my face. We look like any other bride and groom, two young lovers who are madly and hopelessly in love.

Even as I said I do, I had no idea what marriage entails. Marriage, like everything else in life, cannot be taught or understood before it is lived. It needs to be felt and breathed. Sometimes it feels joyous, sometimes it hurts. A lot.

So today, I know that marriage is no fairytale, but we try every single day to reach our happily ever after ending. Isn’t that, the greatest fairytale above all?

He isn’t perfect, but I know he is perfect for me. He is perfect because he has seen me in my darkest moments and never gave up on me. He has seen me at my worst, yet held my hand again the next day. He understands my dreams and supports them without fail, and manages to catch me every time I’m close to giving up.

He makes me smile when I’m feeling down and manages to make me laugh out loud even as I’m mad. He reminds me life doesn’t have to be so serious and teaches me how to be more spontaneous and positive. He teaches me the importance of gratitude, forgiveness, and letting go. He is a life coach who taught me how to roll with the punches. He embodies the courage and vulnerability to say I love you even during moments I can’t.

We now have a mutual understanding, a silent contract, a promise that binds our two souls. No matter how hard it seems, we don’t give up on each other.

Sometimes the storm is caused by a small incident, sometimes it’s the result of months of repressed emotions and words. Sometimes it’s caused by stress from work, by our different ways to manage family & friends, or inconceivable differences between a man and a woman.


Living together, paying bills together, sharing chores together, taking care of our dogs together, growing up together– such realities of marriage bring out the best, and sometimes the worst in each other.

It’s hard to tell you through one blog post how much I love and appreciate your presence in my life so let me begin with one small note of gratitude.

I don’t think I can ever tell you this enough, but the moments I wake up and manage to stay in bed a little longer then I would normally do and look into your eyes, I realize I married the right man. And there are many little moments like this. Thank you for making even my unrealized dreams come true.

Happy 2 year anniversary to both of us. We are doing this. We did it together!

I love you!

Your wifey! Xo

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