Easy like Sunday morning





There is no statute of limitations on starting over. Re-invent yourself every day. Be the girl who walks barefoot and listens to the blues. Tomorrow, wear a trench coat and speak fierce truths. Be a phoenix. Be ashes. Burn down. Resurrect. Let go of the idea that you must always be who you have always been.

Hey hey… I’m starting to have routines in my life again. Since Spring is around the corner and sun is going down a little later, I realize that I have so much more energy. Spring is definitely my favorite season. Perhaps because I was born in April. I love how nature is awakening under the low first flares of sun and the dewy mornings. This morning I woke up and noticed that my skin is feeling good because of the sunbeams. Recently I had a microdermabrasion session & mesotherapy to get rid of that winterish dull skin tone. Its definitely a must-try to get your skin ready for the sun. Xoxo

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Brunette in Burgundy

Black Komono Sunglasses – Massimo Dutti top – Massimo Dutti trousers – Zara Jacket – Sascha Ankle boots

Hi, today I got my hair coloured to natural caramel brown. I am so happy with the result that I had to go out and shoot. I put on my burgundy outfit and I found it a perfect match. Now I still have to get used to my new hair colour again, but I like a darker colour during fall/ winter and my blonde hair for spring/summer. Let me know which preference you have.


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Fall Outfit of the Day





img_8906-smallHi there!

We went strolling around in the park yesterday afternoon. Fall is definitely here because it’s getting colder, but the sun was giving its vitamine D to get us outside and enjoy the beautiful nature that is changing. The leafs are getting orange, red and brown.

I am wearing a gold-plissé skirt from Zara with a really oversized woolen orange sweater from Zara. My ankle boots are from Sascha. My choker is from H&M and my earrings from Victoria Jewelry.

My make-up is done by me. I used everything MAC Cosmetics but only my eyeshadow is from the Naked Urban Decay palette. I love this red mat lipstick.

Funny thing is that I just shooted this outfit and in the evening I was checking Instagram and saw that the swedish blogger Lisa Olsson was wearing the exact same outfit, what a coincidence!





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OOTD – More long dresses


Another dress that was hidden in my closet and sneaked into my luggage to China.

This was a dress I wore to a wedding. Note that the pictures were taken when it started raining. I was hiding underneath the palm trees, but I ended up soaking wet because in one second there was a flood of rain coming out of the sky!

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OOTD – White long dress


Since I am still in a holiday mood I wanted to show you one of my favorite white dresses. Unfortunately I can’t wear it as much as I want, because it is such a delicate fabric and I don’t have the occasion to wear it that often.

I bought is two years ago as a post wedding dress to take with me while on honeymoon. I wore it there several times and I got to wear it again during our holiday in Sanya, China. The nature in the hotel is so stunning.

Visit the website: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/syxbr-renaissance-sanya-resort-and-spa/

So lucky and happy that I still fit in!

Enjoy the pictures and do not forget to like and comment below!



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Two Year Marriage Anniversary



Hello lovers! Two  years ago on this day, I said I do to my husband, to be his lawfully wedded wife through thick and thin. We were living in the same village and I knew him as one of the older guys. One day we decided to have a drink and the next day I was certain he was the right man for me.

Notice the content look in my husband’s eyes, the naughty smile on my face. We look like any other bride and groom, two young lovers who are madly and hopelessly in love.

Even as I said I do, I had no idea what marriage entails. Marriage, like everything else in life, cannot be taught or understood before it is lived. It needs to be felt and breathed. Sometimes it feels joyous, sometimes it hurts. A lot.

So today, I know that marriage is no fairytale, but we try every single day to reach our happily ever after ending. Isn’t that, the greatest fairytale above all?

He isn’t perfect, but I know he is perfect for me. He is perfect because he has seen me in my darkest moments and never gave up on me. He has seen me at my worst, yet held my hand again the next day. He understands my dreams and supports them without fail, and manages to catch me every time I’m close to giving up.

He makes me smile when I’m feeling down and manages to make me laugh out loud even as I’m mad. He reminds me life doesn’t have to be so serious and teaches me how to be more spontaneous and positive. He teaches me the importance of gratitude, forgiveness, and letting go. He is a life coach who taught me how to roll with the punches. He embodies the courage and vulnerability to say I love you even during moments I can’t.

We now have a mutual understanding, a silent contract, a promise that binds our two souls. No matter how hard it seems, we don’t give up on each other.

Sometimes the storm is caused by a small incident, sometimes it’s the result of months of repressed emotions and words. Sometimes it’s caused by stress from work, by our different ways to manage family & friends, or inconceivable differences between a man and a woman.


Living together, paying bills together, sharing chores together, taking care of our dogs together, growing up together– such realities of marriage bring out the best, and sometimes the worst in each other.

It’s hard to tell you through one blog post how much I love and appreciate your presence in my life so let me begin with one small note of gratitude.

I don’t think I can ever tell you this enough, but the moments I wake up and manage to stay in bed a little longer then I would normally do and look into your eyes, I realize I married the right man. And there are many little moments like this. Thank you for making even my unrealized dreams come true.

Happy 2 year anniversary to both of us. We are doing this. We did it together!

I love you!

Your wifey! Xo

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Coconut Oil from Monoi


Hi Sweeties, in two weeks I am leaving for another vacay to Mexico. Preparing my bags, I remembered how I loved the coconut mask of Monoi while I was in China. Running into a Di store made me want to buy the entire coconut oil program. The smell is divine and instantly gets you in a tropical mood. Using the shampoo, conditioner or 2 times a week the hairmask and a little bit oil makes your hair feel super moisturised. I would recommend these products when you are headening to a destination with a lot of sun and beach. Enjoy! Hug x


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