Davis Cup Frankfurt 2017 – vlog 6

Hello there! Here is a new vlog from our citytrip to Frankfurt. We left early in the morning for a 4 hour drive to Frankfurt to watch our Belgian Tennis Team fight against Germany!

Starting with a double game played by Ruben Bemelmans (a.k.a. Bemel) & Joris De Loore, they won! Hell Yeah!

Ending the evening with a relaxing Spa. Starting our Sunday morning on time with some training and breakfast. And ready we were to watch Steve Darcis exciting game against Zverev. Also he won after a nerve-racking match. Yay!

We took the time to celebrate with the Belgian supporters team and went home.

Lovely weekend & I feel blessed that I met some new people!

Thanks to my dear friend Ellen!


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Run against Cancer – ‘Levensloop Edegem’



What an amazing and energetic atmosphere this morning at the liferun in Edegem. Ellen and I ran about 5 laps and we had breakfast afterwards at this magical event. I loved participating especially because my godmother is a cancer survivor and for me it’s a way to honour her fight.

Liferun is a festive event for all ages. It is all about solidarity and fundraising for the fight against cancer. A Community life of a city or town comes together for 24 hours to celebrate and honor people who survived cancer or still fight it or to remember those who didn’t survive.

The goal is to stand together as a community and to take up the fight against cancer.


Different teams run at different time moments during 24 hours around a track. Every team is sponsored for a good cause. There is always at least one person of the team on the track. No competition, it is a meeting of all associations of a city or town. 24 hours symbolize the ongoing fight of patients and their families against the disease.

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My Work-Out Routine


To my sports buddies who have been wondering what kind of exercise I do to keep fit and to keep that body fat under control… Continue reading!

Those who know me for a long time, know I did all kinds of sports. Usually I don’t have the perseverance to do a sports a long time, but here are some that do!

I’ve picked up playing tennis after a 6-year break. During summer I play tennis at least once a week. The last year I became an addict to BOOTCAMP workouts. It’s a circuit training in group and I personally think it has kind of a ‘CrossFit’ character. The workout gives me energy, I sweat a lot, but they are so fun! Then I work out with my friend Ellen. Depending on time, it might happen several times a week but especially on Sunday. We go run 5 km and afterwards we have one hour of power training focusing on a particular muscle group.


During our holiday in Mexico, we worked out every day 45 minutes and together with the boot camp exercises, I am now able to compose my own 30 minute workout at home. So lately I work out in our garden on a fitness mat with my sports gear and I love it. I might have to move to the garage because it’s already getting colder in Belgium.

My husband and I decided to go Thai boxing together. My family always thought it would be a great idea, but I’ve been to afraid. I have to admit the 1,5 trainings are very hard for my condition and perseverance but I can loose all of my frustration in here. It does hurt like hell when I have to take the punches. My legs and arms have bruises all over them!

Then I am planning to go swim on Wednesday right after work because it’s on my way home. It might not work, but I’ll let you know later.

So to summarize:

  • Monday: 30 min work out at home
  • Tuesday: 1.5h Thaiboxing work out
  • Wednesday: 1 h swimming
  • Thursday: 1h BOOTCAMP
  • Friday: 30 min work out at home
  • Saturday: Rest day
  • Sunday: 5 km run + 1 h work out at home

I have some sheets that you can use. They contain all the exercices that I do at home and they are categorized by muscle groups.

Sweat it baby! You’ll feel so much better afterwards.



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Davis Cup: Belgium stuns Brazil


At Ostend’s Sleuyter Arena on Saturday, we had a perfect afternoon watching our Belgian team conquering to a 3-0 game to secure their place in the 2017 Davis Cup.

It’s actually my first time I went to see a tennis match in real life. After a three-hour 22 minute battle, Ruben and Joris celebrated their victory with a hilarious chest-bump and showing lots of respect for the huge fan team that supported the entire game. My head was still cheering in the car on our way home :p.

They played a great match against the Brasilian team. I guess they really flipped the game by playing more risky and assertive. That’s why the game was a real climax for us supporting at the tribunes.

Afterwards we had a short chat with Ruben who actually is a real down-to-earth, timid guy. I definitely became a fan! Thanks for signing my shirt by the way!

My pictures aren’t as nice as the professional photographers, but I wanted to use my own pics for the blog! You will definitely find cooler pics, but that’s only because my lens (50mm) didn’t allow me to take pictures close by.

However, enjoy!




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