Fall Outfit of the Day





img_8906-smallHi there!

We went strolling around in the park yesterday afternoon. Fall is definitely here because it’s getting colder, but the sun was giving its vitamine D to get us outside and enjoy the beautiful nature that is changing. The leafs are getting orange, red and brown.

I am wearing a gold-plissé skirt from Zara with a really oversized woolen orange sweater from Zara. My ankle boots are from Sascha. My choker is from H&M and my earrings from Victoria Jewelry.

My make-up is done by me. I used everything MAC Cosmetics but only my eyeshadow is from the Naked Urban Decay palette. I love this red mat lipstick.

Funny thing is that I just shooted this outfit and in the evening I was checking Instagram and saw that the swedish blogger Lisa Olsson was wearing the exact same outfit, what a coincidence!





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