Víva Mexico – My hips don’t lie, Baila !


It has been one week since I returned from magical Mexico, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya and I’m still longing to go back.

I already miss the warm sun on my skin, the soft breeze through the palm trees and the tropical climate that has been so good for my body, skin & mood.

First day we arrived it was pouring rain & since it’s the hurricane season in Mexico, I have to admit that I was a little bit scared that is was going to be a not so sunny holiday, BUT Mexico was happy that we arrived and gave us splendid weather for the entire 16 days.

I hear y’all thinking … Oh my God 16 days for a beach holiday, that’s a long time. My friend Ellen, the kids & I really took the time to repose ourselves and listen to what we needed. We did plenty of activities in the hotel since the animation team was one of the best entertainment that I have ever experienced. Daily we did the aqua gym and salsa lessons, playing basketball, water polo, iron man, Olympic games, Mexican games. We had such a blast. All the fun & laughter got us mentally in such a good place.

The food was delicious in the hotel. We had different themed restaurants and we switched every night to taste the great food of all of them. Surprisingly, I didn’t put on weight because I ate nutritious fruits & veggies varied with the comfort food you could find during lunch.

After a day at the pool/beach, we did a short 45 minute workout and I gained so much confidence because I was seeing so much results. I couldn’t be more happy until I got on a scale and saw that I lost around 5 kg!

We were lucky to have a lagoon nearby the hotel with clear water, such a beautiful scenery! After all this, I did not even mention all of the animals that we saw in the hotel. A real zoo: coati’s, raccoons, gigantic grass hoppers, bambi, crabs, crocodile, iguanas…


During these two weeks we did 2 excursions, namely Xel-ha and the Cozumel Snorkel Tour. Both excursions were in the water. The first one was e natural water park with mangroves, snorkeling, cliff jumping, cenotes, tropical woods, biking … An amazing day for the boys, but Ellen and I we had such a great time too! And I loved it because we did everything barefoot, in bikini, life jackets, flipper & goggles. The second excursion we went by ferry to Cozumel and hopped on a catamaran boat. We sailed to 2 coral riffs and went snorkeling open seas. We saw a turtle, lobster and plenty colorful fish. After that we navigated to Playa Cielo (Heaven). I fell in love with this place. Here I realized that I am a beach & ocean person. Amazing turquoise blue water and white sand made it possible to admire the beautiful starfish while we were floating on the clouds of heaven.

We took a taxi twice to the city Playa del Carmen, one time during the day and the last evening in the evening. Such a convivial town with lots of souvenir shops & local bars. I get why people here are constantly in this latin party mood. I restored my confidence to dance and shake again, just let go on the reaggeaton rhythms.

I think it’s clear to see that we had an unforgettable time in Mexico-land and we are feeling home sick to this time not worrying about anything. Unfortunately, holidays do come to an end, but hey Mexico, nosotros regresso pronto!  Los quiere! XOXO



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